DocumentMetadata Schema

Alias: dmd

Version: 1.0.0

Metadata from a Document Management System

This schema contains classes serving as the common layer for implementations capturing metadata about persistent sets of information from Common Data Environments (CDE). This schema is meant to be the place to standardize metadata according to ISO 19650:2018 - Organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling (BIM) - Information management using building information modelling.


Table of contents

Entity Classes

Link to a named persistent set of information, retrievable from within a file, system or application storage hierarchy.

Base Class: BisCore:RepositoryLink

Instances of DocumentLink are typically contained in the RepositoryModel of an iModel. Each specific Common Data Environment (CDE) solution shall use an instance of CodeSpec and DocumentLink.CodeValue identifiers properly setup to ensure uniqueness in such model.

Other metadata attributes specific to a CDE solution can be introduced via a subclass of DocumentLink or aspect-classes associated to it.

Equivalent to a link to an ISO 19650 - Information Container.


Name Description Type Extended Type
CodeValue Unique Human-readable identifier for the document. string
Suitability Meta-data describing the status code of the content of the document. string
Revision Meta-data describing the version code of the content of the document. string
Inherited properties
Name Description Type Extended Type
Model The bis:Model that contains this bis:Element. navigation
LastMod The last modified time of the bis:Element. This is maintained by the core framework and should not be set directly by applications. dateTime
CodeSpec The CodeSpec property identifies the bis:CodeSpec used to generate and validate the code value for this bis:Element. The combination of CodeSpec, CodeScope, and CodeValue properties must be unique for each bis:Element instance. navigation
CodeScope The CodeScope property identifies the bis:Element that provides the uniqueness scope for the code value. The combination of CodeSpec, CodeScope, and CodeValue properties must be unique for each bis:Element instance. navigation
UserLabel An optional friendly name given by the user (as opposed to the formal name stored in the CodeValue property). string
Parent The parent bis:Element that owns this bis:Element. navigation
FederationGuid The GUID used to federate this bis:Element across repositories. binary BeGuid
JsonProperties A string property that users and/or applications can use to persist ad hoc JSON values. string Json
Url A URL pointing to an external resource. string URI
Description A human-readable description of the URL string
RepositoryGuid A GUID that identifies the external repository. binary BeGuid
Format The format of the external repository. string

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024