PolyfaceBuilder Remarks

A PolyfaceBuilder constructs coordinate and index data for an IndexedPolyface.

A caller creates a builder and then calls various methods to add to the evolving polyface.

There are 3 levels of detail for builder methods:

Level Input type Example Actions
high GeometryQuery object addGeometryQuery addBox addCone addSphere addTorusPipe add LinearSweep addRotationalSweep addRuledSweep addPolygon addIndexedPolyface call mid- or low- level methods for major parts (sides, caps) of the geometry query.
mid Single-parameter space portions addUVGrid addBetweenLineStrings addBetweenStroked addBetweenTransformedLineStrings addGraph enumerate quad and triangles in the grid/circle/polygon
single or structured facet single facet addIndexedQuadNormalIndexes addIndexedQuadParamIndexes addIndexedQuadPointIndexes addIndexedTriangleNormalIndexes addIndexedTriangleParamIndexes addIndexedTrianglePointIndexes addTriangleFan addTrianglesInUncheckedFan addTriangleFanFromIndex0 multiple inserts to arrays
array entry single datum for array findOrAddPoint findOrAddPointInLineString findOrAddPointXYZ

Last Updated: 05 July, 2024