Image ID override

Note: This rule is deprecated. Use extended data instead.

TypeScript type: ImageIdOverride.

ImageId override rules allow setting an image ID to specific types of ECInstances.


Name Required? Type Default
requiredSchemas No RequiredSchemaSpecification[] []
priority No number 1000
onlyIfNotHandled No boolean false
condition No ECExpression ""
imageIdExpression Yes ECExpression

Attribute: requiredSchemas

Specifications that define ECSchema requirements for the rule to take effect.

Type RequiredSchemaSpecification[]
Is Required No
Default Value []

Attribute: priority

Defines the order in which presentation rules are evaluated.

Type number
Is Required No
Default Value 1000

Attribute: onlyIfNotHandled

Should this rule be ignored if there is already an existing rule with a higher priority.

Type boolean
Is Required No
Default Value false

Attribute: condition

Defines a condition for the rule, which needs to be met in order to execute it.

Type ECExpression
Is Required No
Default Value ""

Attribute: imageIdExpression

An expression whose result becomes the image ID.

Type ECExpression
Is Required Yes


  "ruleType": "ImageIdOverride",
  "requiredSchemas": [{ "name": "MySchema", "minVersion": "1.2.3" }],
  "priority": 999,
  "stopFurtherProcessing": true,
  "condition": "ThisNode.IsOfClass(\"MyItem\", \"MySchema\")",
  "imageIdExpression": "\"ImageId_\" & this.MyProperty"

Last Updated: 13 May, 2024