Interfaces and classes for generating UI items for Dialogs.


Name Description  
DialogLayoutDataProvider DialogLayoutDataProvider Abstract class that allows property values to be passed between hosting API and Dialog that generates and arranges components dynamically  
DialogProperty DialogProperty is a generic helper class that assists working with properties used by UiLayoutDataProvider implementations (i.e.  
SyncPropertiesChangeEvent Sync UI Control Properties Event class.  
UiDataProvider UiDataProvider Abstract class that allows property values to be passed between hosting API and UI.  


Name Description  
DialogButtonStyle Enum for button style.  
DialogButtonType Enum for button types.  
PropertyChangeStatus Status of Proposed property changes from UI to UiDataProvider  


Name Description  
BaseDialogItem BaseDialogItem contains only the members necessary to create a PropertyRecord.  
DialogButtonDef Interface for a dialog button in a button cluster  
DialogItem DialogItem is the specification that the display engine turns into a UI item.  
DialogItemValue DialogItemValue Interface of PrimitiveValue types that have type editor support for use in dialogs.  
DialogPropertyItem DialogPropertyItem us the specification to use if you are defining the components directly, e.g., in React  
DialogPropertySyncItem DialogPropertySyncItem is used to pass sync messages for DialogPropertyItems  
DialogRow DialogRow is the interface that groups dialog items into rows for building UI  
EditorPosition EditorPosition Interface used to identify the location of the item a DialogItem property value.  
PropertyChangeResult Interface used by UiDataProvider to report change status (validation) to UI.  
SyncPropertiesChangeEventArgs Sync UI Control Properties Event Args interface.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024