PropertyRecord Class

PropertyRecord contains instance information about a Property, including a value that can be edited using a PropertyEditor and converted using a TypeConverter.


Name Description
constructor(value: PropertyValue, property: PropertyDescription): PropertyRecord Constructs a PropertyRecord instance  
copyWithNewValue(newValue: PropertyValue, newDescription?: PropertyDescription): PropertyRecord Creates a copy of this PropertyRecord with a new value and optionally a new PropertyDescription  
getChildrenRecords(): PropertyRecord[] Gets this property record value children records  
fromString(value: string, descriptionOrName?: string | PropertyDescription): PropertyRecord Static Creates a PropertyRecord based on a value string and an optional property description or name  


Name Type Description
autoExpand boolean | undefined Indicates if the property should be automatically expanded  
description string | undefined Description for the property  
extendedData [key: string]: any | undefined Map containing any additional data  
isDisabled boolean | undefined Indicates if the property is disabled  
isMerged boolean | undefined Indicates if the property record represents merged properties  
isReadonly boolean | undefined Indicates if the property is read-only  
LinkElementsInfo | undefined Properties for link logic  
property Readonly PropertyDescription The property description containing metadata for the property  
value Readonly PropertyValue Value for the property  

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Last Updated: 20 July, 2024