Various utility classes for working with a UI.


Name Description  
IconSpecUtilities Creates an IconSpec with an SVG source and gets the SVG source from an IconSpec. Deprecated
UiError iTwin.js UI UiError class is a subclass of BentleyError. Deprecated
UiEvent iTwin.js UI UiEvent class is a subclass of BeEvent with argument type safety.  
UiEventDispatcher This class is used to send eventIds to interested UI components so the component can determine if it needs Deprecated
UiSyncEvent UiSync Event class. Deprecated


Name Description  
FunctionKey Enumeration for Function Keys Deprecated
SpecialKey Enumeration for Special Keys Deprecated

Global Functions

Name Description  
isArrowKey Determines if a KeyboardEvent.key is an Arrow key Deprecated


Name Description  
IMatch Interface that returns indices of matches Deprecated
PointProps Describes 2d points. Deprecated
UiSyncEventArgs UiSync Event arguments. Deprecated

Type Aliases

Name Description  
OnCancelFunc Signature for onCancel function.  
OnItemExecutedFunc Signature for onItemExecuted function.  
OnNumberCommitFunc Signature for number onCommit function.  
OnValueCommitFunc Signature for value onCommit function.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024