Classes and components providing a UI for AccuDraw, an aide for entering coordinate data.


Name Description  
AccuDrawCommandItems AccuDraw Command Items - useful in Keyboard Shortcuts Beta
AccuDrawGrabInputFocusEvent AccuDraw Grab Input Focus event Beta
AccuDrawKeyboardShortcuts Default AccuDraw Keyboard Shortcuts Beta
AccuDrawSetCompassModeEvent AccuDraw Set Compass Mode event Beta
AccuDrawSetFieldFocusEvent AccuDraw Set Field Focus event Beta
AccuDrawSetFieldLockEvent AccuDraw Set Field Lock event Beta
AccuDrawSetFieldValueFromUiEvent AccuDraw Set Field Value from Ui event Beta
AccuDrawSetFieldValueToUiEvent AccuDraw Set Field Value to Ui event Beta
AccuDrawUiSettingsChangedEvent AccuDraw Ui Settings Changed event Beta
AccuDrawWidgetControl AccuDraw Widget Control Beta
FrameworkAccuDraw Implementation of AccuDraw that sends events for UI and status changes Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
AccuDrawDialog Dialog displays AccuDrawFieldContainer for AccuDraw Ui Beta
AccuDrawFieldContainer AccuDraw Ui Field Container displays AccuDrawInputField for each field Beta
AccuDrawInputField Input field for AccuDraw Ui Beta
AccuDrawWidget AccuDraw Widget displays AccuDrawFieldContainer for AccuDraw Ui Beta


Name Description  
AccuDrawDialogProps Properties for AccuDrawDialog Beta
AccuDrawFieldContainerProps Properties for AccuDrawFieldContainer component Beta
AccuDrawInputFieldProps Properties for AccuDrawInputField component Beta
AccuDrawSetCompassModeEventArgs Arguments for AccuDrawSetCompassModeEvent Beta
AccuDrawSetFieldFocusEventArgs Arguments for AccuDrawSetFieldFocusEvent Beta
AccuDrawSetFieldLockEventArgs Arguments for AccuDrawSetFieldLockEvent Beta
AccuDrawSetFieldValueFromUiEventArgs Arguments for AccuDrawSetFieldValueFromUiEvent Beta
AccuDrawSetFieldValueToUiEventArgs Arguments for AccuDrawSetFieldValueToUiEvent Beta
AccuDrawUiSettings AccuDraw User Interface Settings Beta

Last Updated: 07 February, 2023