Cursor related information, components and events


Name Description  
CursorInformation Cursor Information class  
CursorPopup CursorPopup React component  
CursorPopupManager CursorPopup component  
CursorPopupRenderer CursorPopupRenderer React component.  
CursorUpdatedEvent Cursor Updated Event class. Deprecated


Name Description  
CursorDirection Enum for Cursor Direction  
CursorDirectionParts Enum for Cursor Direction parts  

Global Functions

Name Description  
CursorPopupContent CursorPopup content with padding  


Name Description  
CursorPopupOptions Options for the CursorPopupManager open method  
CursorUpdatedEventArgs Cursor Updated Event Args interface. Deprecated

Type Aliases

Name Description  
CursorPopupProps Properties for the CursorPopup React component  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024