Classes for working with Keyboard Shortcuts


Name Description  
KeyboardShortcut Keyboard Shortcut used to execute an action  
KeyboardShortcutContainer Keyboard Shortcut Container  
KeyboardShortcutMenu React component that displays a context menu at the cursor containing keyboard shortcuts.  
KeyboardShortcutMenuEvent KeyboardShortcut Menu Event class. Deprecated


Name Description  
FrameworkKeyboardShortcut Keyboard Shortcut used to execute an action  
FrameworkKeyboardShortcutContainer Keyboard Shortcut Container  
FrameworkKeyboardShortcuts keyboardShortcuts interface  
KeyboardShortcutMenuState State for a KeyboardShortcutMenuEvent and KeyboardShortcutMenu component  
KeyboardShortcutProps Properties for a Keyboard Shortcut  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024