ViewSelector Class

View Selector React component



Name Description
constructor(props: ViewSelectorProps): ViewSelector Creates a ViewSelector  
componentDidMount(): Promise<void>    
componentDidUpdate(prevProps: ViewSelectorProps): Promise<void>    
componentWillUnmount(): void    
loadViews(): Promise<void> Query the views and set the initial state with the iModel's views.  
render(): Element Renders ViewSelector component  
updateState(viewId?: any): Promise<void> Update state of the entries in the widget.  
updateShowSettings(showSpatials: boolean, showDrawings: boolean, showSheets: boolean, showUnknown: boolean): void Static Updates the ViewSelector show settings.  


Name Type Description
defaultProps StaticReadonly ViewSelectorDefaultProps    
onViewSelectorChangedEvent StaticReadonly ViewSelectorChangedEvent Gets the ViewSelectorChangedEvent  

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Last Updated: 05 April, 2024