Classes for working with popup components


Name Description  
CardPopup Popup component for Input Editor  
PopupManager Popup Manager class  
PopupRenderer Popup Renderer  
PopupsChangedEvent Popups Changed Event class. Deprecated
PositionPopup Popup component at screen position  
ToolbarPopup Popup component for Toolbar  
ToolSettingsPopup Popup component for Tool Settings  

Global Functions

Name Description  
Card Card component  
KeyinPalettePopup Keyin Palette Popup Component  
PositionPopupContent PositionPopup content with padding  


Name Description  
CardProps Props defining a Card component  
InputEditorPopupProps Props for popup editor  
KeyinPalettePopupProps Props defining KeyinPalettePopup component  
PopupInfo Information maintained by PopupManager about a Popup  
PopupPropsBase Props for each popup managed by the PopupManager  
PopupsChangedEventArgs Deprecated
PositionPopupProps Props for popup at screen position  
ReactContent Describes React based content  
ToolSettingsPopupProps Props for defining a popup tool settings component  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
CardPopupProps Props for defining a CardPopup editor  
PopupContentType Type for Popup Content  
ToolbarPopupProps Props for a popup toolbar  

Last Updated: 13 May, 2024