Classes for defining a StatusBar


Name Description  
StatusBar Status Bar React component.  
StatusBarWidgetControl Status Bar Widget Control.  
TileLoadingIndicator TileLoadingIndicator React component  
ViewAttributesStatusField Widget for showing Checkboxes for View Attributes  


Name Description  
StatusBarLabelSide Defines which side of Icon where label is placed  
StatusBarSection Status bar Groups/Sections from Left to Right  

Global Functions

Name Description  
isStatusBarActionItem StatusBarActionItem type guard.  
isStatusBarCustomItem StatusBarCustomItem type guard.  
isStatusBarLabelItem StatusBarLabelItem type guard.  
SectionsStatusField Status Field for showing section extra tools for clearing and showing manipulators  
SelectionCountField Status field component used to display the number of selected items.  
SelectionInfoField SelectionInfo Status Field React component.  
SelectionScopeField SelectionScopeField React component.  
SnapModeField Snap Mode Field React component.  
StatusBarCenterSection StatusBar Center Section React functional component  
StatusBarComposer Component to load components into the StatusBar.  
StatusBarDialog Dialog component used in a StatusBarIndicator component.  
StatusBarDialogTitleBar Dialog component used in a StatusBarDialog component.  
StatusBarDialogTitleBarButton Dialog component used in a StatusBarDialog component.  
StatusBarField Field component used in StatusBar component.  
StatusBarIndicator General-purpose StatusBar indicator.  
StatusBarLabelIndicator StatusBar indicator that shows a label with an icon.  
StatusBarLeftSection StatusBar Left Section React functional component  
StatusBarPopup Popup component used in StatusBar component.  
StatusBarRightSection StatusBar Right Section React functional component  
StatusBarSeparator Component used to separate status fields in a status bar.  
StatusBarSpaceBetween StatusBar With Space Between Items React functional component  
useDefaultStatusBarItems Hook that returns items from StatusBarItemsManager.  
useSelectionSetSize React hook that returns element count of a selection set.  
useUiItemsProviderBackstageItems Hook that returns items from BackstageItemsManager.  
useUiItemsProviderStatusBarItems Hook that returns items from StatusBarItemsManager.  


Name Description  
CommonStatusBarItem Describes the data needed to insert a button into the status bar.  
SectionsStatusFieldProps Sections Status Field Props  
SelectionCountFieldProps Properties for the SelectionCountField component.  
StatusBarActionItem Describes the data needed to insert an action item into the status bar.  
StatusBarComposerProps Properties for the StatusBarComposer React components  
StatusBarCustomItem Describes the data needed to insert an item into the StatusBar.  
StatusBarDialogProps Properties of StatusBarDialog component.  
StatusBarDialogTitleBarButtonProps Properties of StatusBarDialogTitleBarButton component.  
StatusBarDialogTitleBarProps Properties of StatusBarDialogTitleBar component.  
StatusBarFieldProps Properties of StatusBarField component.  
StatusBarIndicatorProps Properties of StatusBarIndicator component.  
StatusBarLabelIndicatorProps Properties of StatusBarLabelIndicator component.  
StatusBarLabelItem Describes the data needed to insert a label item with an optional icon into the status bar.  
StatusBarProps Properties for the StatusBar React component  
UseSelectionSetSizeArgs Arguments for useSelectionSetSize hook.  


Name Description  
StatusBar Components used in a StatusBar.  
StatusBarDialog Components used in a StatusBarDialog.  
StatusBarItemUtilities Utility functions for creating and maintaining StatusBar items.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
StatusBarFieldId Status Bar Field type.  
StatusBarItem Describes the data needed to insert a button into the status bar.  

Last Updated: 22 March, 2024