UiItemsProvider Interface

Describes interface of objects that want to provide UI component to the running IModelApp.

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Name Description
onUnregister(): void OptionalReadonly Function called when the provider is unregistered.  
provideBackstageItems(): undefined OptionalReadonly Provides backstage items.  
provideStatusBarItems(stageId: string, stageUsage: string): undefined OptionalReadonly Provides status bar items.  
provideToolbarItems(stageId: string, stageUsage: string, toolbarUsage: ToolbarUsage, toolbarOrientation: ToolbarOrientation): undefined OptionalReadonly Provides toolbar items.  
provideWidgets(stageId: string, stageUsage: string, location: StagePanelLocation, section?: StagePanelSection): undefined OptionalReadonly Provides widgets.  


Name Type Description
id Readonly string Id of provider.  

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Last Updated: 09 March, 2023