Various utility classes for working with a UI and Redux.


Name Description  
PropsHelper A set of helper methods for various props  
ToolbarButtonHelper A set of Dom helper methods  
UiFramework Manages the Redux store, localization service and iModel, Project and Login services for the ui-framework package.  
UiVisibilityChangedEvent UiVisibility Event class.  
ViewUtilities Various View utility methods  


Name Description  
SafeAreaContext Context used to manage safe area (feature used by devices with non-rectangular screens).  


Name Description  
SafeAreaInsets Describes available safe area insets.  


Name Description  
FrameworkVisibility UiFramework.visibility interface  
UiVisibilityEventArgs UiVisibility Event Args interface.  
UserSettingsProvider Interface to be implemented but any classes that wants to load their user settings when the UiStateEntry storage class is set.  

Last Updated: 22 April, 2023