Classes for working with a Widget


Name Description  
StatusBarWidgetComposerControl StatusBarWidgetComposerControl provides status bar to specified Frontstage that allows status bar items to be populated  
WidgetControl The base class for Widget controls.  
WidgetDef A Widget Definition in the 9-Zone Layout system.  
WidgetHost A WidgetHost represents a definition that hosts one or most Widgets in a Frontstage.  
WidgetManager Widget Manager class.  
WidgetStateChangedEvent Widget State Changed Event class. Deprecated


Name Description  
WidgetState Widget state enum.  
WidgetType Widget type enum.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
BackstageAppButton BackstageAppButton used to toggle display of Backstage and is shown in the corner of the ToolWidget.  
BasicNavigationWidget Basic Navigation Widget that provides standard tools to manipulate views containing element data.  
BasicToolWidget Default Tool Widget for standard "review" applications.  
ContentToolWidgetComposer ContentToolWidgetComposer composes a Tool Widget with no tools defined by default.  
NavigationAidHost NavigationAidHost is a component that hosts a NavigationAid that is specific to the active content control.  
NavigationWidgetComposer Component that Composes a NavigationWidget typically using toolbars generated via ToolbarComposer class.  
ToolWidgetComposer ToolWidget component that supports use of ToolbarComposer-based Toolbars.  
useTransientState Hook that allows to save and restore transient DOM state (i.e.  
ViewToolWidgetComposer ViewToolWidgetComposer composes a Navigation Widget with no tools defined by default.  


Name Description  
BackstageAppButtonProps Properties for the BackstageAppButton React component  
BasicNavigationWidgetProps Properties that can be used to append items to the default set of toolbar items.  
BasicToolWidgetProps Properties that can be used to append items to the default set of toolbar items.  
CanFloatWidgetOptions Describes options of a floating widget.  
ContentToolWidgetComposerProps Props for ContentToolWidgetComposer.  
NavigationAidHostProps Properties for the NavigationAidHost React component  
NavigationWidgetComposerProps Properties for the NavigationWidgetComposer React components  
ToolWidgetComposerProps Properties for the ToolbarComposer React components  
ViewToolWidgetComposerProps Props for ViewToolWidgetComposer.  
Widget Describes the data needed to provide a widget.  
WidgetConfig Configuration from which a widget is created.  
WidgetStateChangedEventArgs Widget State Changed Event Args interface. Deprecated

Last Updated: 07 June, 2024