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Provides auth functionality for browser environments using OIDC code flow with PKCE.


Create a new instance of BrowserAuthorizationClient, passing in needed credentials:

const client = new BrowserAuthorizationClient({
clientId: // find at
redirectUri: // find/set at
scope: // find/set at
authority: //
postSignoutRedirectUri: // find/set at
responseType: "code",
silentRedirectUri: // find/set at

The most common way to use an instance of BrowserAuthorizationClient will depend on your specific application and workflow. Here's one common way:

// will attempt to sign in silently,
// and then via redirect if not possible.
await client.signInRedirect();

Instead of a redirect, you may want to trigger a pop up to handle the sign in process:

await client.signinPopup();

After the user signs in, they will be redirected to the redirect url specified in your oidc configuration ( Once on that page, you must call:

await client.handleSigninCallback();

to complete the process. Once back on your initial page, the call to client.signInSilent will succeed and you should be authorized.

If the callback occurs on a page where the configured client is not available, you can use the static method to complete the process:

await BrowserAuthorizationClient.handleSigninCallback()

// This library defaults to localStorage for storing state.
// To use sessionStorage (or another Storage object), you can pass it as an argument.
// If overriding the default localStorage, also set the stateStore via client.setAdvancedSettings({stateStore: yourStore})
await BrowserAuthorizationClient.handleSigninCallback(window.sessionStorage)

This will pull the client configuration from localStorage, using the state nonce provided by OIDC to select the proper configuration.

Other notable methods: client.signOutRedirect() - starts the signout flow via redirect client.signOutPopup() - starts the signout flow via popup. client.setAdvancedSettings(userManagerSettings) - Allows for advanced options to be supplied to the underlying UserManager.


Name Description
Authorization For signing a user in and out of an auth service.
Logging Logger categories used by this package.
All Displays the contents of all topics in this package.

Last Updated: 18 June, 2024