Functions and components that provide a Toolbar.


Name Description  
ToolbarPopupAutoHideContext Context used by Toolbar items to know if popup panel should be hidden - via AutoHide.  
ToolbarPopupContext Context used by Toolbar items in popups to close the popup panel.  


Name Description  
Direction Available directions.  
ToolbarOpacitySetting Enumeration of Toolbar Opacity setting.  
ToolbarPanelAlignment Available alignment modes of Toolbar panels.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
PopupItem Popup toolbar item that displays a panel  
PopupItemWithDrag Expandable Group button Item  
Toolbar Component that displays toolbar items. Deprecated
ToolbarButtonItem Toolbar item component.  
ToolbarWithOverflow Component that displays toolbar items, displaying only the elements that can fit in the available space, Deprecated
useDragInteraction Hook used on expandable item that require drag or long press to open  
useToolbarPopupAutoHideContext React hook used to retrieve the ToolbarPopupAutoHideContext.  
useToolbarPopupContext React hook used to retrieve the ToolbarPopupContext.  


Name Description  
CustomToolbarItem Describes the data needed to insert a custom React button into an ToolbarWithOverflow. Deprecated
PopupItemProps Properties of PopupItem component.  
PopupItemWithDragProps Properties of PopupItem component.  
ToolbarButtonItemProps Properties of ToolbarButtonItem component.  
ToolbarProps Properties of Toolbar component. Deprecated
ToolbarWithOverflowProps Properties of ToolbarWithOverflow component. Deprecated

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ToolbarItem Describes toolbar item. Deprecated

Last Updated: 07 June, 2024