Version: 2.2.2
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The connector-framework package contains classes for authoring iTwin Connectors.


Name Description
Args Classes for storing the command line arguments for an iTwin Connector.
BaseConnector The base class for all iTwin Connectors.
ConnectorIssueReporter Class for reporting an iTwin Connector's status and/or errors back to orchestrators or othe callers/launchers of Connectors.
ConnectorRunner Class responsible for loading the connector from a JavaScript source file and running it.
Framework Class describing the overall package as an aggregation of the various component classes: ConnectorRunner, BaseConnector, Synchronizer, etc.
Logging Module for providing messages to connector developers, testers and users of a range of severity levels from informational to error level.
SqliteIssueReporter A Subclass of a ConnectorIssueReporter for SQLite related issues.
ConnectorAuthenticationManager A class for encapsulating and initializing auth clients and the retrieving and caching of tokens.
ChangeSetGroup A class with methods for creating, getting and closing ChangeSetGroups which is used by the ConnectorRunner.
All Displays the contents of all topics in this package.

Last Updated: 15 July, 2024