Specialized, customizable collection classes like priority queues.


Name Description  
Dictionary Maintains a mapping of keys to values.  
Entry An entry holds the key and value, and pointers to any older and newer entries.  
IndexedValue Associates a value of type T with an index representing its insertion order in an IndexMap  
IndexMap Maintains a set of unique elements in sorted order and retains the insertion order of each.  
LRUCache A mapping of a key/value pairs, where the size of the cache can be limited.  
LRUDictionary A LRUCache using a Dictionary as its internal storage, permitting custom key comparison logic.  
LRUMap A LRUCache using a standard Map as its internal storage.  
ObservableSet A standard Set that emits events when its contents change.  
OrderedSet A mutable ReadonlyOrderedSet.  
PriorityQueue A priority queue implemented as a heap array.  
ReadonlyOrderedSet A read-only equivalent of Set<T> that maintains its elements in sorted order as specified by a comparison function.  
ReadonlySortedArray A read-only view of an array of some type T sorted according to some user-supplied criterion.  
SortedArray Maintains an array of some type T in sorted order.  
TupleKeyedMap A map similar to the standard JavaScript Map collection except that the keys must be a tuple  
TypedArrayBuilder Incrementally builds a TypedArray of unsigned 8-, 16-, or 32-bit integers.  
Uint16ArrayBuilder A TypedArrayBuilder for producing a Uint16Array.  
Uint32ArrayBuilder A TypedArrayBuilder for producing a Uint32Array.  
Uint8ArrayBuilder A TypedArrayBuilder for producing a Uint8Array.  
UintArrayBuilder A TypedArrayBuilder that can populate a UintArray with the minimum  


Name Description  
DuplicatePolicy Describes how duplicate values are handled when inserting into a SortedArray.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
lowerBound Given a sorted array, computes the position at which the specified value should be inserted into the array so that the array remains sorted.  
partitionArray Partitions an array in-place according to some criterion, such that elements that fulfill the criterion are grouped in the lower  
shallowClone A CloneFunction that, given a value of type T, returns the same value.  


Name Description  
DictionaryEntry Represents an entry in a Dictionary.  
EntryContainer The interface that must be satisfied by the underlying container type used by a LRUCache.  
TypedArrayBuilderOptions Options used to construct a TypedArrayBuilder.  
UintArrayBuilderOptions Options used to construct a UintArrayBuilder.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
CloneFunction A function that, given a value of type T, returns a copy of that value.  
UintArray A TypedArray containing unsigned 8-, 16-, or 32-bit integers.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024