HiddenLine.Settings Class

Describes how visible and hidden edges and transparent surfaces should be rendered in "hidden line" and "solid fill" RenderModes.


Name Description
equals(other: HiddenLine.Settings): boolean    
override(props: HiddenLine.SettingsProps): HiddenLine.Settings Create a Settings equivalent to this one with the exception of those properties defined in the supplied JSON.  
toJSON(): HiddenLine.SettingsProps    
fromJSON(json?: HiddenLine.SettingsProps): HiddenLine.Settings Static Create a DisplaySettings from its JSON representation.  


Name Type Description
defaults Static HiddenLine.Settings The default display settings.  
hidden Readonly HiddenLine.Style Describes how hidden edges (those obscured by other geometry) should be displayed.  
matchesDefaults Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
transparencyThreshold Readonly number A value in the range [0.0, 1.0] specifying a threshold below which transparent surfaces should not be drawn.  
transThreshold Accessor ReadOnly number An alias for HiddenLine.Settings.transparencyThreshold.  
visible Readonly HiddenLine.Style Describes how visible edges (those unobscured by other geometry) should be displayed.  

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Last Updated: 18 May, 2022