LightSettings Class

Describes the lighting for a 3d scene, associated with a DisplayStyle3dSettings in turn associated with a DisplayStyle3d or DisplayStyle3dState.

@see LightSettingsProps


Name Description
clone(changed?: LightSettingsProps): LightSettings Create a copy of these light settings, identical except for any properties explicitly specified by changed.  
equals(rhs: LightSettings): boolean    
toJSON(): undefined | LightSettingsProps    
fromJSON(props?: LightSettingsProps): LightSettings Static    


Name Type Description
ambient Readonly AmbientLight    
fresnel Readonly FresnelSettings    
hemisphere Readonly HemisphereLights    
numCels Readonly number See LightSettingsProps.numCels.  
portraitIntensity Readonly number See LightSettingsProps.portrait.  
solar Readonly SolarLight    
specularIntensity Readonly number    

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Last Updated: 04 October, 2023