PlanProjectionSettings Class

Describes how to draw a plan projection model. A plan projection model is a GeometricModel3d whose geometry all lies in a single XY plane, wherein the Z coordinate of the plane may be arbitrary or flexible. Multiple plan projection models can be combined into one view and drawn as "layers" with relative priorities.

see DisplayStyle3dSettings.setPlanProjectionSettings to define plan projection settings for a DisplayStyle3dState.

see GeometricModel3d.isPlanProjection.


Name Description
clone(changedProps?: PlanProjectionSettingsProps): PlanProjectionSettings Create a copy of this PlanProjectionSettings, optionally modifying some of its properties.  
toJSON(): PlanProjectionSettingsProps    
fromJSON(props: undefined | PlanProjectionSettingsProps): undefined | PlanProjectionSettings Static    


Name Type Description
elevation Readonly undefined | number See PlanProjectionSettingsProps.elevation  
enforceDisplayPriority Readonly undefined | boolean See PlanProjectionSettingsProps.enforceDisplayPriority  
overlay Readonly boolean See PlanProjectionSettingsProps.overlay  
transparency Readonly undefined | number See PlanProjectionSettingsProps.transparency  

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Last Updated: 06 January, 2023