SkyCube Class

Describes how to draw a representation of a sky by mapping images to the interior faces of a cube. The images are required to be square, and each image must have the same dimensions as the other images.



Name Description
constructor(images: SkyCubeProps, gradient?: SkyGradient): SkyCube Create a new sky cube using the specified images.  
toJSON(display?: boolean): SkyBoxProps See SkyBox.toJSON.  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
createGradient(gradient?: SkyGradient): SkyBox Static SkyBox Create a skybox that displays the specified gradient, or the default gradient if none is supplied.
fromJSON(props?: SkyBoxProps): SkyBox Static SkyBox Create from JSON representation.


Name Type Description
images Readonly SkyCubeProps The images to map to each face of the cube.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
defaults Static Readonly SkyBox SkyBox Default settings for a four-color gradient.
gradient Readonly SkyGradient SkyBox The gradient settings, used if no cube or sphere images are supplied, or if the images cannot be loaded.

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Last Updated: 17 July, 2024