GeometricElement3dProps Interface

Properties that define a GeometricElement3d




Name Type Description
placement undefined | Placement3dProps The placement properties  
typeDefinition undefined | RelatedElementProps    

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
category string GeometricElementProps The id of the category for this geometric element.
classFullName string GeometricElementProps The full name of the ECClass for this entity, in the form "Schema:ClassName"
code CodeProps GeometricElementProps The Code for this element
elementGeometryBuilderParams undefined | GeometricElementProps How to build the element's GeometryStream.
federationGuid undefined | string GeometricElementProps A FederationGuid assigned to this element.
geom undefined | GeometryStreamProps GeometricElementProps The geometry stream properties
id undefined | string GeometricElementProps The Id of the entity.
isInstanceOfEntity Readonly undefined | undefined GeometricElementProps A non-existent property used to discriminate between EntityProps and Entity.
jsonProperties undefined | any GeometricElementProps Optional json properties of this element.
model string GeometricElementProps The Id of the Model containing this element
parent undefined | RelatedElementProps GeometricElementProps The Parent of this element, if defined.
userLabel undefined | string GeometricElementProps A user-assigned label for this element.

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Last Updated: 21 November, 2022