ImageGraphic Class

A geometric primitive that displays an image mapped to the corners of a quadrilateral, with an optional border. The image is always displayed regardless of RenderMode or ViewFlags, and is displayed without lighting.


Name Description
constructor(corners: ImageGraphicCorners, textureId: string, hasBorder: booleanfalse): ImageGraphic Construct a new ImageGraphic.  
clone(): ImageGraphic    
cloneTransformed(transform: Transform): ImageGraphic    
computeRange(result?: Range3d): Range3d Computes and returns the range.  
toJSON(): ImageGraphicProps    
transformInPlace(transform: Transform): void Apply a transform to the corners of the quadrilateral.  
fromJSON(props: ImageGraphicProps): ImageGraphic Static    


Name Type Description
corners Readonly ImageGraphicCorners The 4 corners of defining the quadrilateral on which the image is displayed.  
hasBorder Readonly boolean Whether or not to draw a border around the image.  
textureId Readonly string The Id of the persistent Texture element defining the image to be displayed on the quadrilateral.  

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Last Updated: 17 July, 2024