Types for working with iModels in both the frontend and backend.


Name Description  
BentleyError Base exception class for iTwin.js exceptions.  
EcefLocation The position and orientation of an iModel on the earth in ECEF (Earth Centered Earth Fixed) coordinates  
ECSqlReader Execute ECSQL statements and read the results.  
IModel Represents an iModel in JavaScript.  
IModelError The error type thrown by this module.  
IModelVersion Option to specify the version of the iModel to be acquired and used  
NoContentError Intended for API "no content" semantics where the error case should not trigger application failure monitoring systems.  
QueryBinder Bind values to an ECSQL query.  


Name Description  
BentleyStatus Standard status code.  
BriefcaseIdValue Values of BriefcaseId that have special meaning.  
BriefcaseStatus Error statuses produced by various briefcase operations, typically encountered as the errorNumber of an IModelError.  
ChangeSetStatus Error statuses produced by various Changeset operations, typically encountered as the errorNumber of an IModelError.  
ChangesetType Value to indicate whether a changeset contains schema changes or not  
DbResult Values for return codes from BeSQLite functions.  
DomainOptions Option to control the validation and upgrade of domain schemas in the Db  
GeoCoordStatus This enumeration lists all possible status as returned from a coordinate conversion to or from a  
IModelStatus Status codes that are used in conjunction with BentleyError.  
ProfileOptions Options that control whether a profile upgrade should be performed when opening a Db  
QueryRowFormat Specifies the format of the rows returned by the query and restartQuery methods of  
SchemaState The state of the schemas in the Db compared with what the current version of the software expects  
SyncMode Whether a briefcase is editable or may only accept incoming changesets from iModelHub  
TxnAction Describes the types of actions associated with Txns.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
mapToGeoServiceStatus Maps a GeoCoordStatus to the equivalent GeoServiceStatus.  


Name Description  
BaseReaderOptions Config for all request made to concurrent query engine.  
BriefcaseDownloader Manages the download of a briefcase  
BriefcaseProps Properties that specify a briefcase within the local briefcase cache.  
ChangesetIdWithIndex The Id and optionally the index of a changeset  
ChangesetIndexAndId Both the index and Id of a changeset  
ChangesetProps Properties of a changeset  
ChangesetRange A range of changesets  
CloudContainerUri TODO documentation  
CreateIModelProps The properties that can be supplied when creating a new iModel.  
CreateSnapshotIModelProps Options that can be supplied when creating snapshot iModels.  
EcefLocationProps Properties that position an iModel on the earth via ECEF (Earth Centered Earth Fixed) coordinates  
GeoCoordinatesRequestProps Information required to request conversion of an array of iModel coordinates to Geographic Coordinates (longitude and latitude)  
GeoCoordinatesResponseProps Information returned from a request to convert an array of iModel coordinates to Geographic Coordinates (longitude and latitude)  
GeographicCRSInterpretRequestProps Information required to interpret or complete a Geographic CRS in the specified format.  
GeographicCRSInterpretResponseProps Information returned from a request to interpret or complete a Geographic CRS  
IModelCoordinatesRequestProps Information required to request conversion of an array of Geographic coordinates (Longitude/Latitude) to iModel coordinates  
IModelEncryptionProps Encryption-related properties that can be supplied when creating or opening snapshot iModels. Deprecated
IModelProps Properties of an iModel that are always held in memory whenever one is opened, both on the frontend and on the backend .  
IModelRpcOpenProps The properties to open a connection to an iModel for RPC operations.  
IModelRpcProps The properties that identify an opened iModel for RPC operations.  
LocalBriefcaseProps Properties of a local briefcase file, returned by BriefcaseManager.getCachedBriefcases and BriefcaseManager.downloadBriefcase  
OpenBriefcaseOptions Options to open a previously downloaded briefcase  
OpenBriefcaseProps Properties for opening a local briefcase file via  
OpenCheckpointArgs Arguments to open a Checkpoint directly from its cloud container  
OpenDbKey A key used to identify an opened IModelDb between the frontend and backend for Rpc and Ipc communications.  
OpenSqliteArgs Sqlite options.  
PointWithStatus A point converted to iModel coordinates to geographic coordinates or vice-versa by a GeoConverter.  
QueryLimit Specify limit or range of rows to return  
QueryOptions ECSql query config  
QueryQuota Quota hint for the query.  
QueryRowProxy Methods and ways of accessing values from rows returned by ECSqlReader.  
QueryStats Performance-related statistics for ECSqlReader.  
RequestNewBriefcaseProps Properties for downloading a briefcase to a local file, from iModelHub.  
RootSubjectProps Properties of the Root Subject.  
SnapshotOpenOptions Options to open a SnapshotDb.  
UpgradeOptions Arguments to validate and update the profile and domain schemas when opening a Db  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
BriefcaseId The Id assigned to a briefcase by iModelHub, or Unassigned .  
ChangesetId A string that identifies a changeset.  
ChangesetIndex The index of a changeset, assigned by iModelHub.  
ChangesetIndexOrId either changeset index, id, or both  
CreateEmptySnapshotIModelProps The options that can be specified when creating an empty snapshot iModel.  
GetMetaDataFunction A function that returns a metadata object for a BentleyError.  
IModelConnectionProps The properties returned by the backend when creating a new IModelConnection from the frontend, either with Rpc or with Ipc.  
IModelErrorNumber Numeric values for common errors produced by iTwin.js APIs, typically provided by IModelError.  
IModelVersionProps Properties for IModelVersion  
LogFunction Defines the signature for a log function.  
Optional metadata attached to a BentleyError.  
QueryValueType The format for rows returned by ECSqlReader.  
StandaloneOpenOptions Options to open a StandaloneDb via StandaloneDb.openFile from the backend,  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024