BaseMapLayerSettings Class

A ImageMapLayerSettings that can serve as the base layer for a MapImagerySettings. The base layer supports all of the same options as any other layer, but also allows for simplified configuration based on a small set of known supported BackgroundMapProviders like Bing Maps. If the base layer was configured from such a provider, that information will be preserved and can be queried; this allows the imagery provider and/or type to be easily modified.

@see backgroundBase.



Name Description
clone(changedProps: Partial<BaseMapLayerProps>): BaseMapLayerSettings Create a copy of this layer.  
toJSON(): BaseMapLayerProps Convert this layer to its JSON representation.  
fromJSON(props: BaseMapLayerProps): BaseMapLayerSettings Static Create a base layer from its JSON representation.  
fromProvider(provider: BackgroundMapProvider, options?: { invisible?: boolean, transparency?: number }): BaseMapLayerSettings Static Create a base layer from a BackgroundMapProvider.  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
collectQueryParams(): [key: string]: string ImageMapLayerSettings Collect all query parameters
getSubLayerChildren(subLayer: MapSubLayerSettings): undefined | MapSubLayerSettings[] ImageMapLayerSettings Return the children for a sublayer
isSubLayerVisible(subLayer: MapSubLayerSettings): boolean ImageMapLayerSettings Return true if sublayer is visible -- testing ancestors for visibility if they exist.
setCredentials(userName?: string, password?: string): void ImageMapLayerSettings  
subLayerById(id?: SubLayerId): undefined | MapSubLayerSettings ImageMapLayerSettings Return a sublayer matching id -- or undefined if not found


Name Type Description
provider Accessor ReadOnly undefined | BackgroundMapProvider The provider from which this base layer was configured, if any.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
accessKey MapLayerKey | undefined ImageMapLayerSettings  
allSubLayersInvisible Accessor ReadOnly boolean ImageMapLayerSettings Return true if all sublayers are invisible.
formatId Readonly string ImageMapLayerSettings  
name Readonly string ImageMapLayerSettings  
password string | undefined ImageMapLayerSettings  
savedQueryParams [key: string]: string | undefined ImageMapLayerSettings List of query parameters to append to the settings URL and persisted as part of the JSON representation.
source Accessor ReadOnly string ImageMapLayerSettings Return a unique string identifying the layers source... The URL for image layer or modelID for model layer
subLayers Readonly MapSubLayerSettings[] ImageMapLayerSettings  
transparency Readonly number ImageMapLayerSettings  
transparentBackground Readonly boolean ImageMapLayerSettings  
unsavedQueryParams [key: string]: string | undefined ImageMapLayerSettings List of query parameters that will get appended to the settings URL that should not be be persisted part of the JSON representation.
url Readonly string ImageMapLayerSettings  
userName string | undefined ImageMapLayerSettings  
visible Readonly boolean ImageMapLayerSettings  

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Last Updated: 17 May, 2024