MapLayerSettings Class

Abstract base class for normalized representation of a MapLayerProps for which values have been validated and default values have been applied where explicit values not defined. This class is extended by ImageMapLayerSettings and [ModelMapLayerSettings]] to create the settings for image and model based layers. One or more map layers may be included within MapImagerySettings object.

@see MapImagerySettings

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Name Description
clone(changedProps: Partial<MapLayerProps>): MapLayerSettings Abstract    
toJSON(): MapLayerProps Abstract    
fromJSON(props: MapLayerProps): MapLayerSettings Static Create a map layer settings from its JSON representation.  


Name Type Description
allSubLayersInvisible Accessor Abstract ReadOnly boolean    
name Readonly string    
source Accessor Abstract ReadOnly string Return a unique string identifying the layers source...  
transparency Readonly number    
transparentBackground Readonly boolean    
visible Readonly boolean    

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Last Updated: 17 May, 2024