Feature Class

Describes a discrete entity within a batched RenderGraphic that can be grouped with other such entities in a FeatureTable. Features roughly correlate to elements: a Tile's graphics combines geometry from every GeometricElement that intersects the tile's volume, so each element produces at least one feature. However, an element's geometry stream can contain geometry belonging to multiple different combinations of SubCategory and GeometryClass, so an individual element may produce more than one feature.

see FeatureOverrides for customizing the appearance of individual features.


Name Description
constructor(elementId: string = Id64.invalid, subCategoryId: string = Id64.invalid, geometryClass: GeometryClass = GeometryClass.Primary): Feature    
compare(rhs: Feature): number Performs ordinal comparison of this feature with another.  
equals(other: Feature): boolean Returns true if this feature is equivalent to the supplied feature.  


Name Type Description
elementId Readonly string    
geometryClass Readonly GeometryClass    
isDefined Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
isUndefined Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
subCategoryId Readonly string    

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Last Updated: 18 May, 2022