Types for working with RpcInterfaces.


Name Description  
IModelNotFoundResponse Response if the IModelDb was not found at the backend  
RpcControlResponse An RPC operation control response.  
RpcInterface An RPC interface is a set of operations exposed by a service that a client can call, using configurable protocols,  
RpcNotFoundResponse A RPC operation response.  
RpcPendingResponse A pending RPC operation response.  


Name Description  
RpcContentType RPC content types. Deprecated
RpcEndpoint Endpoints for RPC protocols. Deprecated
RpcProtocolEvent RPC protocol event types. Deprecated
RpcRequestEvent RPC request event types. Deprecated
RpcRequestStatus The status of an RPC operation request. Deprecated
RpcResponseCacheControl Describes available options for RPC response caching.  


Name Description  
HttpServerRequest An HTTP server request object. Deprecated
HttpServerResponse An HTTP server response object. Deprecated
ModelExtentsProps Describes the volume of geometry contained with a GeometricModel as returned by  
OpenAPIInfo An OpenAPI 3.0 info object. Deprecated
RpcActivity The properties of an RpcActivity.  
SerializedRpcActivity Serialized format for sending the request across the RPC layer  
SessionProps Properties that identify a session.  


Name Description  

Last Updated: 31 January, 2023