Types that define the appearance of geometry.


Name Description  
ColorDef An immutable integer representation of a color.  
FontMap A FontMap holds the set of font names available in an iModel.  
GeometryParams Describes the display properties of graphics in a persistent element's GeometryStream that aren't inherited from SubCategoryAppearance.  
GraphicParams The "cooked" material and symbology for a RenderGraphic.  
HSLColor An immutable color defined by Hue, Saturation, and Lightness.  
HSVColor An immutable color defined by Hue, Saturation, and Value  
RgbColor An immutable representation of a color with red, green, and blue components each in the integer range [0, 255].  
SubCategoryAppearance Parameters that define the way geometry on a SubCategory appears.  
ThematicDisplay The thematic display setup of a DisplayStyle3d.  
ThematicDisplaySensor A sensor in world space, used for InverseDistanceWeightedSensors.  
ThematicDisplaySensorSettings Settings for sensor-based thematic display for InverseDistanceWeightedSensors.  
ThematicGradientSettings Thematic settings specific to creating a color gradient used by ThematicDisplay.  


Name Description  
ColorByName A set of known colors by HTML color name, as a 32-bit integer in the form 0xBBGGRR (red is the low byte).  


Name Description  
BackgroundFill Describes how a view's background color affects the interior area of a closed region.  
FillDisplay Whether a closed region should be drawn for wireframe display with its internal area filled or not.  
FillFlags Flags indicating whether and how the interiors of closed planar regions is displayed within a view.  
FontType The type of a font.  
GeometryClass Categorizes a piece of geometry within a GeometryStream.  
LinePixels Enumerates the available patterns for drawing patterned lines.  
ThematicDisplayMode The thematic display mode.  
ThematicGradientColorScheme A color scheme used to generate the colors of a thematic gradient within an applied range.  
ThematicGradientMode A thematic gradient mode used to generate and apply a thematic effect to a scene.  
ThematicGradientTransparencyMode Describes how transparency is computed when applying a thematic gradient to a surface.  


Name Description  
FontMapProps The properties of a FontMap  
FontProps The properties of a Font.  
RgbColorProps JSON representation of an RgbColor, with each component an integer in the range [0, 255].  
ThematicDisplayProps JSON representation of the thematic display setup of a DisplayStyle3d.  
ThematicDisplaySensorProps JSON representation of a ThematicDisplaySensor.  
ThematicDisplaySensorSettingsProps JSON representation of a ThematicDisplaySensorSettings for InverseDistanceWeightedSensors.  
ThematicGradientSettingsProps JSON representation of a ThematicGradientSettings.  


Name Description  
Gradient Namespace containing types for defining a color gradient, often used for filled planar regions.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
ColorDefProps The JSON representation of a ColorDef - an unsigned 32-bit integer in 0xTTBBGGRR format.  
FontId An iModel-local identifier for a font.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024