ThematicGradientSettings Class

Thematic settings specific to creating a color gradient used by ThematicDisplay.


Name Description
clone(changedProps?: ThematicGradientSettingsProps): ThematicGradientSettings Create a copy of this ThematicGradientSettings, optionally modifying some of its properties.  
equals(other: ThematicGradientSettings): boolean    
toJSON(): ThematicGradientSettingsProps    
compare(lhs: ThematicGradientSettings, rhs: ThematicGradientSettings): number Static Compares two sets of thematic gradient settings.  
fromJSON(json?: ThematicGradientSettingsProps): ThematicGradientSettings Static    


Name Type Description
colorMix Readonly number The percentage to mix in the original color with the thematic display gradient color (0-1).  
colorScheme Readonly ThematicGradientColorScheme The color scheme used to generate the colors of the gradient color within the applied range.  
contentMax Accessor StaticReadOnly number    
contentRange Accessor StaticReadOnly number    
customKeys Readonly Gradient.KeyColor[] The key color values that must be provided when using a custom thematic color scheme.  
defaults StaticReadonly ThematicGradientSettings    
margin Accessor StaticReadOnly number    
marginColor Readonly ColorDef The margin color used at the extremes of the gradient, when outside the applied range.  
mode Readonly ThematicGradientMode The thematic image mode used to generate the gradient.  
stepCount Readonly number The step count value used for ThematicGradientMode.Stepped, ThematicGradientMode.SteppedWithDelimiter, and ThematicGradientMode.IsoLines.  

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Last Updated: 26 April, 2023