Miscellaneous utility classes.

Global Functions

Name Description  
calculateSolarAngles calculate solar angles (in radians) based at a given date/time and cartographic location.  
calculateSolarDirection calculate solar direction based at a given date/time and cartpgrphic location.  
calculateSolarDirectionFromAngles calculate solar direction corresponding to the given azimuth and elevation (altitude) angles in degrees.  
calculateSunriseOrSunset calculate solar sunrise or sunset for a given day and cartographic location.  


Name Description  
GenericInstanceFilter Generic instance filter that has all the necessary information to build filtering query.  
GenericInstanceFilterRelatedInstanceDescription Describes related instance whose property was used in the filter.  
GenericInstanceFilterRelationshipStep Describes single step between source class and target class.  
GenericInstanceFilterRule Defines single filter rule.  
GenericInstanceFilterRuleGroup Group of filter rules joined by logical operator.  
GenericInstanceFilterRuleValue Type definition that describes value of GenericInstanceFilterRule.  


Name Description  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
BackendReadable Deprecated
BackendWritable Deprecated
GenericInstanceFilterRuleGroupOperator Type definition that describes operators supported by GenericInstanceFilterRuleGroup.  
GenericInstanceFilterRuleOperator Type definition that describes operators supported by GenericInstanceFilterRule.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024