CutStyle Class

As part of a ClipStyle, describes how section-cut graphics should be displayed.

@note Section-cut graphics are only produced if produceCutGeometry is true.


Name Description
toJSON(): undefined | CutStyleProps Return JSON representation.  
create(viewflags?: Readonly<Partial<Mutable<NonFunctionPropertiesOf<ViewFlags>>>>, hiddenLine?: HiddenLine.Settings, appearance?: FeatureAppearance): CutStyle Static Create a CutStyle from its components.  
fromJSON(props?: CutStyleProps): CutStyle Static    


Name Type Description
appearance Readonly FeatureAppearance | undefined If defined, overrides aspects of the symbology of the section-cut graphics.  
defaults Static Readonly CutStyle The default CutStyle, configured to draw the section-cut graphics using the view's settings, with no overrides.  
hiddenLine Readonly HiddenLine.Settings | undefined If defined, overrides the settings the view uses to draw the edges of the section-cut graphics.  
matchesDefaults Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if this style matches the default style - that is, it overrides none of the view's settings.  
viewflags Readonly Readonly<Partial<Mutable<NonFunctionPropertiesOf<ViewFlags>>>> Selectively overrides some of the view's ViewFlags when drawing the section-cut graphics.  

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Last Updated: 20 July, 2024