Frustum Class

The region of physical (3d) space that appears in a view. It forms the field-of-view of a camera. It is stored as 8 points, in Npc order, that must define a truncated pyramid.


Name Description
constructor(): Frustum Constructor for Frustum.  
clone(result?: Frustum): Frustum Make a copy of this Frustum.  
distance(corner1: number, corner2: number): number Get the distance between two corners of this Frustum.  
equals(rhs: Frustum): boolean Return true if this Frustum is equal to another Frustum  
fixPointOrder(): void Make sure the frustum point order does not include mirroring.  
getCenter(): Point3d Get the point at the center of this Frustum (halfway between RightTopFront and LeftBottomRear.  
getCorner(i: number): Point3d Get a corner Point from this Frustum.  
getEyePoint(result?: Point3d): undefined | Point3d Get the eye point - undefined if parallel projection  
getFraction(): number Get the ratio of the length of the diagonal of the front plane to the diagonal of the back plane.  
getIntersectionWithPlane(plane: Plane3dByOriginAndUnitNormal): undefined | Point3d[] Get a (convex) polygon that represents the intersection of this frustum with a plane, or undefined if no intersection exists  
getRangePlanes(clipFront: boolean, clipBack: boolean, expandPlaneDistance: number): ConvexClipPlaneSet Get a convex set of clipping planes bounding the region contained by this Frustum.  
getRotation(result?: Matrix3d): undefined | Matrix3d Get the rotation matrix to the frame of this frustum.  
initFromRange(range: Readonly<WritableLowAndHighXY> | Readonly<WritableLowAndHighXYZ>): void Initialize this Frustum from a Range  
initNpc(): Frustum Initialize this Frustum to the 8 corners of the NPC cube.  
invalidate(): void Invalidate this Frustum by setting all 8 points to zero.  
isSame(other: Frustum): boolean Return true if all of the points in this Frustum are almost the same as the points in another Frustum.  
multiply(trans: Transform): void Multiply all the points of this Frustum by a Transform, in place.  
scaleAboutCenter(scale: number): void Scale this Frustum, in place, about its center by a scale factor.  
scaleXYAboutCenter(scale: number): void Scale this frustum's XY (viewing) plane about its center  
setFrom(other: Frustum): void Set the points of this Frustum to be copies of the points in another Frustum.  
setFromCorners(corners: Point3d[]): void Set the points of this frustum from array of corner points in NPC order.  
toMap4d(): undefined | Map4d Create a Map4d that converts world coordinates to/from Npc coordinates of this Frustum.  
toRange(range?: Range3d): Range3d Calculate a bounding range from the 8 points in this Frustum.  
transformBy(trans: Transform, result?: Frustum): Frustum Transform all the points of this Frustum and return the result in another Frustum.  
translate(offset: Readonly<WritableXYAndZ>): void Offset all of the points of this Frustum by a vector.  
fromRange(range: Readonly<WritableLowAndHighXY> | Readonly<WritableLowAndHighXYZ>, out?: Frustum): Frustum Static Create a new Frustum from a Range3d  


Name Type Description
frontCenter Accessor ReadOnly Point3d The point at the center of the front face of this frustum  
hasMirror Accessor ReadOnly boolean Return true if this Frustum has a mirror (is not in the correct order.)  
points Readonly Point3d[] Array of the 8 points of this Frustum.  
rearCenter Accessor ReadOnly Point3d The point at the center of the rear face of this frustum  

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Last Updated: 13 June, 2024