NotifyMessageDetails Class

Describes a message to be displayed to the user.


Name Description
constructor(priority: OutputMessagePriority, briefMessage: string | HTMLElement, detailedMessage?: string | HTMLElement, msgType: OutputMessageTypeOutputMessageType.Toast, openAlert: OutputMessageAlertOutputMessageAlert.None): NotifyMessageDetails Constructor  
setInputFieldTypeDetails(inputField: HTMLElement): void Set OutputMessageType.InputField message details.  
setPointerTypeDetails(viewport: HTMLElement, displayPoint: Readonly<WritableXAndY>, relativePosition: RelativePositionRelativePosition.TopRight): void Set OutputMessageType.Pointer message details.  


Name Type Description
briefMessage string | HTMLElement A short message that conveys the simplest explanation of the issue.  
detailedMessage string | HTMLElement An optional comprehensive message that explains the issue in detail and potentially offers a solution.  
displayPoint Point2d | undefined    
displayTime BeDuration    
inputField HTMLElement | undefined    
msgType OutputMessageType The type of message.  
openAlert OutputMessageAlert Whether an alert box should be displayed or not, and if so what kind.  
priority OutputMessagePriority The priority this message should be accorded by the NotificationManager.  
relativePosition RelativePosition    
viewport HTMLElement | undefined    

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Last Updated: 17 May, 2024