FlashSettings Class

Settings that control how geometry is "flashed" when hovered over in a Viewport. When the user hovers the mouse cursor over an element (or other piece of geometry, like a reality mesh), a Tool visually indicates that it can interact with that geometry by "flashing" it. Flashed geometry changes color in one of the following two ways:

  • By mixing the viewport's hilite color as specified by Viewport.hilite with the geometry's own color; or
  • By brightening the geometry's own color (for lit geometry only - i.e., meshes displayed in a view with lighting enabled). The flash effect starts out at an intensity of zero and increases linearly over the period of time specified by duration until maxIntensity is reached.

@see - flashSettings to customize the flash behavior for a viewport.

  • Viewport.hilite to customize the hilite color used by FlashMode.Hilite.


Name Description
constructor(options?: Mutable<Partial<FlashSettings>>): FlashSettings Construct new flash settings.  
clone(options?: Mutable<Partial<FlashSettings>>): FlashSettings Create a copy of these settings identical except for properties explicitly specified by options.  


Name Type Description
duration Readonly BeDuration The duration in seconds over which the flash effect increases from zero to maxIntensity, in [0..10].  
litMode Readonly FlashMode Specifies how lit geometry (that is, meshes displayed in a view with lighting enabled) is flashed.  
maxIntensity Readonly number The maximum intensity of the flash effect, after duration seconds have elapsed, in [0..1].  

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Last Updated: 17 July, 2024