readElementGraphics Function

Convert the byte array returned by requestElementGraphics into a RenderGraphic.

readElementGraphics(bytes: Uint8Array, iModel: IModelConnection, modelId: string, is3d: boolean, options?: "false" | BatchOptions): Promise<RenderGraphic | undefined>

Parameter Type Description
bytes Uint8Array The binary graphics data obtained from requestElementGraphics.
iModel IModelConnection The iModel with which the graphics are associated.
modelId string The Id of the GeometricModelState with which the graphics are associated. Can be an invalid Id.
is3d boolean True if the graphics are 3d.
options "false" | BatchOptions Options customizing how Features within the graphic can be resymbolized; or false if you don't want to produce a batch.

Returns - Promise<RenderGraphic | undefined>

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Last Updated: 13 June, 2024