TiledGraphicsProvider Namespace

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TiledGraphicsProvider Interface

Provides a way for applications to inject additional non-decorative graphics into a Viewport by supplying one or more TileTreeReferences capable of loading and drawing the graphics.

see Viewport.addTiledGraphicsProvider to register a provider to be drawn in a viewport.

see Exploded View Sample for an interactive demonstration of a custom provider.



Name Description
addToScene(context: SceneContext): void Optional If defined, overrides the logic for adding this provider's graphics into the scene.  
forEachTileTreeRef(viewport: Viewport, func: (ref: TileTreeReference) => void): void For each TileTreeReference belonging to this provider that should be drawn in the specified Viewport, apply the provided function.  
isLoadingComplete(viewport: Viewport): boolean Optional If defined, returns true if the TileTrees required for displaying this provider's graphics in the specified Viewport are loaded and ready to draw.  

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Last Updated: 21 November, 2022