Version: 4.7.0-dev.11
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The core-geometry package contains classes for working with geometry: points, vectors, curves, surfaces, and analytic solids


Name Description
CartesianGeometry Points, Vectors, Planes, and Transformations for x,y,z geometry.
ArraysAndInterfaces These classes support array operations and inheritance-based algorithms.
Bspline A bspline curve or surface is used for curved freeform geometry defined by controls points (sometimes called poles).
Curve Curves in the GeometryQuery hierarchy: LineSegment3d, LineString3d, Arc3d, TransitionSpiral3d
Numerics The Numerics classes have geometric and numeric methods used during large algorithms in other classes.
Polyface A Polyface is a mesh structure with arrays of points that are shared among multiple incident facets.
Serialization These classes are related to serialization of geometry classes.
Solid Analytic Solids in the GeometryQuery hierarchy: Box, Sphere, Cone, TorusPipe, LinearSweep, RotationalSweep, RuledSweep
Topology The Topology classes provide adjacency structures used in triangulations.
RangeSearch Support classes for searching collections of ranges.
All Displays the contents of all topics in this package.

Last Updated: 25 May, 2024