IntegratedSpiralTypeName Type alias

This is the set of valid type names for "integrated" spirals

  • Behavior is expressed by a NormalizedTransition snap function.
  • The snap function varies smoothly from f(0)=0 to f(1)=1
  • The various snap functions are:
    • clothoid: linear
    • biquadratic: 2 quadratics pieced together, joining with 1st derivative continuity at f(0.) = 0.5, with zero slope f'(0)=0 and f'(1)= 0
    • bloss: A single cubic with zero slope at 0 and 1
    • cosine: half of a cosine wave, centered around 0.5
    • sine: full period of a sine wave added to the line f(u)=u

IntegratedSpiralTypeName = "clothoid" | "bloss" | "biquadratic" | "cosine" | "sine"

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Last Updated: 21 November, 2022