OffsetHelpers Class


Name Description
constructor(): OffsetHelpers    
appendOffsets(data: undefined | AnyCurve | AnyCurve[], offset: number, result: AnyCurve[]): number Static    
collectChains(fragments: AnyCurve[], gapTolerance: number, planarTolerance: number = Geometry.smallMetricDistance): ChainTypes Static * Restructure curve fragments as chains and offsets  
collectInsideAndOutsideOffsets(fragments: AnyCurve[], offsetDistance: number, gapTolerance: number): { chains: ChainTypes, insideOffsets: AnyCurve[], outsideOffsets: AnyCurve[] } Static * Restructure curve fragments as chains and offsets  
extendRange(range: Range3d, data: any): Range3d Static    
moveHeadOrTail(g0: CurvePrimitive, g1: CurvePrimitive, maxShift: number): boolean Static    
simpleEndPointMove(g: CurvePrimitive, atEnd: boolean, to: Readonly<WritableXYAndZ>): boolean Static If allowed by the geometry type, move an endpoint.  
sumLengths(data: any): number Static    

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Last Updated: 21 March, 2023