RecursiveCurveProcessor Class

base class for detailed traversal of curve artifacts.

  • This recurses to children in the quickest way (no records of path)
  • Use the RecursiveCurveProcessorWithStack to record the path along the visit.

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Name Description
constructor(): RecursiveCurveProcessor Protected    
announceBagOfCurves(data: BagOfCurves, _indexInParent: number = -1): void announce a bag of curves.  
announceCurvePrimitive(_data: CurvePrimitive, _indexInParent: number = -1): void process a leaf primitive.  
announceLoop(data: Loop, _indexInParent: number = -1): void announce a loop (recurse to children)  
announceParityRegion(data: ParityRegion, _indexInParent: number = -1): void announce beginning or end of loops in a parity region  
announcePath(data: Path, _indexInParent: number = -1): void announce a path (recurse to children)  
announceUnexpected(_data: AnyCurve, _indexInParent: number): void process error content  
announceUnionRegion(data: UnionRegion, _indexInParent: number = -1): void announce beginning or end of a parity region  

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Last Updated: 21 November, 2022