Classes, Interfaces, and definitions used to format and parse quantity values.


Name Description  
BadUnit This class is a convenience class that can be returned when a valid Unit cannot be determined. Beta
BaseFormat A base Format class with shared properties and functionality between quantity and ecschema-metadata Format classes Beta
BasicUnit This class provides basic implementation of UnitProps interface. Beta
Format A class used to define the specifications for formatting quantity values. Beta
Formatter A helper class that contains methods used to format quantity values based on a format that are defined via the Format class. Beta
FormatterSpec A class that contains both formatting information and the conversion factors necessary to convert from an input unit to the units specified in the format. Beta
Parser A Parser class that is used to break a string that represents a quantity value into tokens. Beta
ParserSpec A ParserSpec holds information needed to parse a string into a quantity synchronously. Beta
Quantity The Quantity class is convenient container to specify both the magnitude and unit of a quantity. Beta
QuantityError The error type thrown by this module. Beta


Name Description  
DecimalPrecision Precision for Decimal, Scientific, and Station formatted value types. Beta
FormatTraits Beta
FormatType Supported format types Beta
FractionalPrecision Precision for Fractional formatted value types. Beta
ParseError Possible parser errors Beta
QuantityStatus Status codes used during Quantity parsing and formatting processing. Beta
ScientificType required if type is scientific Beta
ShowSignOption Determines how the sign of values are displayed Beta

Global Functions

Name Description  
formatTraitsToArray Beta
formatTypeToString Beta
getTraitString Beta
isCustomFormatProps CustomFormatProps type guard. Beta
parseDecimalPrecision Beta
parseFormatTrait Beta
parseFormatType Beta
parseFractionalPrecision Beta
parsePrecision Beta
parseScientificType Beta
parseShowSignOption Beta
scientificTypeToString Beta
showSignOptionToString Beta


Name Description  
AlternateUnitLabelsProvider This interface allows a provider to be specified that will define an array of alternate labels for a specific unit. Beta
CloneOptions CloneOptions that define modifications that can be made during the cloning of a Format. Beta
CloneUnit CloneFormat defines unit and label specification if primary unit is to be set during clone. Beta
CustomFormatProps This interface is used when supporting Custom Formatters that need more than the standard set of properties. Beta
FormatProps This interface defines the persistence format for describing the formatting of quantity values. Beta
ParsedQuantity Successful result from Parser.parseToQuantityValue or Parser.parseToQuantityValue. Beta
ParseQuantityError Parse error result from Parser.parseToQuantityValue or Parser.parseToQuantityValue. Beta
PotentialParseUnit Interface that defines potential parse units that may be found in user's string input of a quantity value. Beta
QuantityProps This interface defines the required properties of a Quantity. Beta
UnitConversion This interface defines the properties required to convert a quantity value from one unit to another such as from meters to feet Beta
UnitConversionSpec Interface that defines how to convert between a specific unit an another in synchronous formatting or parsing processing. Beta
UnitProps This interface provides basic information about a Unit that is return from a UnitProvider. Beta
UnitsProvider This interface is implemented by the class that is responsible for locating units by name or label and providing conversion values between units. Beta

Type Aliases

Name Description  
QuantityParseResult Defines Results of parsing a string input by a user into its desired value type Beta
UnitSystemKey Used to uniquely identify a unit system. Beta

Last Updated: 18 May, 2022