Common classes and enums used across various UI components.


Name Description  
CheckBoxState State of a checkbox  
HorizontalAlignment Enumeration for horizontal alignment.  
Orientation Enumeration of orientation.  
SortDirection Enumeration for sorting direction.  
TimeFormat Enumeration of time formats.  
VerticalAlignment Enumeration for vertical alignment.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
withIsPressed withIsPressed is a React higher-order component that adds pointer and mouse events.  
withOnOutsideClick withOnOutsideClick is a React higher-order component that adds outside click support.  
withTimeout withTimeout is a React higher-order component that adds timeout support.  


Name Description  
CheckBoxInfo A data type that holds all the checkbox display attributes  
WithIsPressedProps Properties for withIsPressed React higher-order component  
WithOnOutsideClickProps Properties for withOnOutsideClick React higher-order component  
WithTimeoutProps Properties for withTimeout React higher-order component  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024