ContextMenuItemProps Interface

Properties for the ContextMenuItem component


  • Omit<React.AllHTMLAttributes<HTMLDivElement>, "disabled" | "hidden">
  • CommonProps


Name Description
onHotKeyParsed(hotKey: string): void Optional    
onHover(): any Optional    
onSelect(event: any): any Optional    


Name Type Description
badgeType undefined | BadgeType Badge to be overlaid on the item.  
disabled boolean | ConditionalBooleanValue Disables any onSelect calls, hover/keyboard highlighting, and grays item.  
hidden boolean | ConditionalBooleanValue Indicates whether the item is visible or hidden.  
hideIconContainer undefined | boolean Hide the icon container.  
icon undefined | IconSpec Icon to display in the left margin.  
iconRight undefined | IconSpec Icon to display in the right margin.  
isSelected undefined | boolean    

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
itemId undefined | string CommonProps Optional unique identifier for item.

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Last Updated: 18 May, 2022