Manager and UI Components that allow users to modify settings for different packages and extensions.


Name Description  
ActivateSettingsTabEvent Event class for onActivateSettingsTab which is emitted when API call needs to set the active settings tab (ie via Tool key-in).  
ProcessSettingsContainerCloseEvent Event class for onProcessSettingsContainerClose which is emitted when the settings container will be closed.  
ProcessSettingsTabActivationEvent Event class for onProcessSettingsTabActivation which is emitted when a new Tab needs to be activated.  
SettingsManager Settings Manager class.  
SettingsProvidersChangedEvent Event class for onSettingsProvidersChanged which is emitted when a new SettingsTabsProvider is added or removed.  

Global Functions

Name Description  
SettingsContainer SettingsContainer component that displays Setting Tabs on Left and the P  
useSaveBeforeActivatingNewSettingsTab Hook to use within Settings Page component to allow saving the current page's data before loading to the requested Setting Tab's page.  
useSaveBeforeClosingSettingsContainer Hook to use within Settings Page component to allow saving the current page's data before the Setting Container is closed.  


Name Description  
ActivateSettingsTabEventArgs Arguments of onActivateSettingsTab event.  
ProcessSettingsContainerCloseEventArgs Arguments of onProcessSettingsContainerClose event.  
ProcessSettingsTabActivationEventArgs Arguments of onProcessSettingsTabActivation event.  
SettingsProvidersChangedEventArgs Arguments of onSettingsProvidersChanged event.  
SettingsTabEntry Interface used to populate a tab entry in the SettingContainer control  
SettingsTabsProvider Setting Provider interface.  

Last Updated: 13 February, 2024