Presentation React components for working with a Tree.


Name Description  
Tree Presentation React component for a Tree  
TreeBranch Presentation React component for a Tree branch  
TreeNode Presentation React component for a Tree node  
TreeNodePlaceholder Presentation React component for a placeholder to be displayed instead of a node while it's being loaded  

Global Functions

Name Description  
ExpansionToggle ExpansionToggle React component used by the TreeNode component to show collapsed or expanded state  


Name Description  
ExpansionToggleProps Properties for the ExpansionToggle component  
NodeCheckboxProps Properties for Tree Node CheckBox  
TreeBranchProps Properties for TreeBranch React component  
TreeNodePlaceholderProps Properties for the TreeNodePlaceholder React component  
TreeNodeProps Properties for the TreeNode React component  
TreeProps Properties for the Tree presentational React component  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
NodeCheckboxRenderer Type for node Checkbox renderer  
NodeCheckboxRenderProps Props for node Checkbox renderer  

Last Updated: 23 May, 2024