ClassDiagnostic<ARGS extends any[]> Class

An IDiagnostic implementation used for ECClass diagnostics.



Name Description
constructor<ARGS extends any[]>(ecClass: AnyClass, messageArgs: ARGS, category: DiagnosticCategoryDiagnosticCategory.Error): ClassDiagnostic<ARGS> Initializes a new ClassDiagnostic.  


Name Type Description
schema Accessor ReadOnly Schema Gets the schema where the diagnostic originated.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
category DiagnosticCategory SchemaItemDiagnostic<AnyClass, ARGS> The diagnostic category is of the type DiagnosticCategory; which is defined as an enumeration above.
code Accessor Abstract ReadOnly string SchemaItemDiagnostic<AnyClass, ARGS> Gets the unique string identifier for the diagnostic in the format ':'.
diagnosticType Accessor ReadOnly DiagnosticType SchemaItemDiagnostic<AnyClass, ARGS> Gets the DiagnosticType.
diagnosticType Static DiagnosticType SchemaItemDiagnostic<AnyClass, ARGS>  
ecDefinition AnyClass SchemaItemDiagnostic<AnyClass, ARGS> The EC object to associate with the diagnostic.
messageArgs ARGS | undefined SchemaItemDiagnostic<AnyClass, ARGS> The arguments used when formatting the diagnostic message.
messageText Accessor Abstract ReadOnly string SchemaItemDiagnostic<AnyClass, ARGS> Gets the message associated with the diagnostic.

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Last Updated: 17 July, 2024