Widgets that wrap some of the package's functionality into embeddable HTML controls.


Name Description  
DiagnosticsPanel Consolidates many other widgets into a single panel.  
FpsTracker Displays average frames-per-second.  
KeyinField A textbox allowing input of key-ins (localized tool names) combined with a drop-down that lists all registered key-ins, filtered by substring match on the current input.  
MemoryTracker Displays GPU memory allocated to tile trees - either all tile trees in the system, or only those associated with a specific Viewport.  
TileMemoryBreakdown Breaks down the GPU memory allocated to tiles into categories displayed in two panes.  
TileStatisticsTracker Outputs statistics related to tile requests including the current number of active, pending, selected, and ready tile requests; as well as cumulative statistics for the session including the number of failed, timed-out, empty, and elided tile requests.  


Name Description  
KeyinFieldLocalization Controls whether localized and/or non-localized key-in strings appear in a KeyinField's auto-completion list.  


Name Description  
DiagnosticsPanelProps Options for configuring a DiagnosticsPanel.  
KeyinFieldProps Properties controlling how a KeyinField is created.  

Last Updated: 15 May, 2024